Culture Media

It is the pioneering and the revolutionizing organization in Biosciences product manufacturing in India. Novel and unique products of It have always been appreciated globally for the excellent quality and accuracy in all the segments of Biosciences. In service to the betterment of the human kind, it always have been using refined technology to invent excellent quality products that are voraciously demanded in hospitals, clinical studies, agricultural industry, pharmaceuticals, food fermentation and processing industry, environmental care, cosmetic, dairy, water sanitation,  educational and research institutes.

Dehydrated Culture Media & Ready Prepared Media

Several kinds of dehydrated culture media & ready prepared media, vital for pharmaceutical industries as per corresponding Pharmacopoeia have been effectively used for testing and environmental monitoring as they are time and cost saving, easy to use.

Hicrome Media

Understanding the advancement in Biosciences field, It successfully developed highest range of new chromogenic media, a powerful, cheaper tool in the identification of microorganisms in shorter time compared to conventional media.

Animal Tissue Culture:

We cater to all the needs of cell culture, including classical media, balanced salt solutions, reagents, sera, consumables, plastic ware, chemicals and biochemical for research and industrial purposes globally.

Plant Tissue Culture

It replaced conventional methods of media preparation and provides a complete range of plant tissue culture products for mass multiplication and developing new traits of the plant using modern biotechnology.

Molecular Biology

It’s inventions in this segment are transforming all areas of medical practice and becoming a predominant paradigm of medical science. A broad range of world-class quality products including diagnostic kits for proteins and nucleic acids, Ladders/Makers, Media, Micro-cards, newer sophisticated versions of PCR machines and other equipments at reasonable prices, are highly demanded for basic and clinical research.

Laboratory Aids

Comprehensive range of high quality equipment and lab ware consumables are available at your fingertips to support work in all Biosciences segments at affordable price.


We provide ultra-fine quality, safe and reliable chemicals and reagents solutions, acids, bases, special raw materials etc. for your analytical applications and research projects.