The Airwel is a light and ergonomic air sampler, with an anti-bacterial paint, build in IP65, ISO14698, ISO17025, USP797, USP116, EU GMP/GLP, 21 CFR PART 11, CE premises.
It impacts a regular and calibrated airflow (100 or 200L/min) on Pétri dishes (90 mm or contact plates), to find out the presence of microorganisms in the air, and control their evolution.

It can be used with Stainless Steel grids, autoclavable Polycarbonate grids, or daily use grids (sterile and double packed).


The Mediawel is both very ergonomic but also versatile. Compatible with all types of agar and thinners, the Mediawel 30 is very easy to use, thanks to its touch screen. Record up to 50 programs, which can be set from 1 to 4 temperature steps.

Versatile: from 2.5 to 30 liters

Productive: Up to 50 programs with fast cycles

Ergonomic: touch screen, large bowl and large wheels


After thousands of dilutions and pilot customers, we have set a new algorithm that combines fast dilution with extreme precision (<1% deviation).

Through our investigations, we have also set a faster stabilisation of the balance to save more seconds even, without affecting the accuracy.


The DISTRIWEL 440 , is a an automated Media dispenser, or better said Media pourer stacker. This is a complete automate, that guarantees a sterile dispensing, high productivity (750 dishes poured in 60 mins) and a high quality media (fast solidification thanks to the Peltier effect).



Distribution volume  0,1 to 9999,9 ml

Pause time         1 – 99 seconds

Adjustable speed   1 – 130 % 10 – 550 rpm

Connectivity       USB ports (Ticket printer, Footswitch, Keyboard, USB data export)



Pendular blending power             Up to 70kg/paddle

Capacity                                      50 mL to 400 mL

Noise level                                  48 dbA