Drum/Big Bag Charging

DEC offers standard drum and big bag filling station with inflatable seal connection for dust free process.

These systems are adaptable to any size receptacle and an economical solution for a simple and fast operation.

Dcs Filling

The dcs (drum containment system) provides a fully contained and safe solution for filling big bags and drums. It can be either connected to a PTS when available height is an issue or directly below the process equipment to be emptied.

Unidock System

The unidock system allows for simplified charging of big bags, whilst ensuring a high containment level , efficiency and reliable operation. The system is specifically designed for solvent-moist products and is compatible with standard FIBCs.

Continuous Linear System

Decs versatile continuous linear system offer optimised GMT complaint packaging solution with high containment levels guaranteeing both operator and product protection, in combination with the safe seal clips high containment can be achieved.

Power Transfer System

The power transfer system is an exceptionally effective and reliable method of transferring and dispensing both dry and wet powders and granules especially in the field of reactor charging. its unique filtration concept with a flat membrane makes it the only vacuum dense-phase system available on the market today. Mobile and CIP versions available.

Drum Emptying With Suction Lance

Working with the PTS  powder transfer system the suction lance is the perfect solutions for dust-free emptying of drums. It can be equipped with a lump breaker for lumpy or agglomerated products.

DEC Isocharge

The DEC Isocharge is a low cost method of both desipensing  and  charging bags into reactors or receiving system via the powder transfer system. The dec Isocharge combines the advantage of isolation and laminar flow technology providing high containment of<pg/m3> with an open system.

Big Bag Discharge

For higher containment requirements, Dec’s big bag emptying stations are supplied with a DCS head providing both primary and secondary containment. Operators can safely manipulate the big bags with in the glove box.

DCS Emptying

The DCS Drum containment system consist of a cylindrical glove box with a glass cover and two glove parts. Highly economical in comparison with conventional isolation systems, it ensure precise, contamination free discharging of drums with a high containment level of <pg/m3.

Big Bag Discharge

For non protect products Dec supplies big bag emptying station with a simple connection head with double tube and  a two hand lever mechanism for a dust-free connection. Big bag emptying stations are available with weighing systems, pneumatically operated bottom or side messaging units and suction hoppers with integrated delumper and fluidization offers.


Particle size reduction is a key process in laboratories and small scale manufacturing, right through to full size production.

JET Micronizing

Single Pass Jet Milling Technology“ used in the new range surpasses all existing jet milling systems on the market in terms of performance, product recovery and PSD manipulation.