High Shear Mixer Granulator

Tapasya’s High Shear Mixer Granulator is designed to meet the special needs of drying of Pharmaceuticals (Formulations and Bulk Drugs)

High Shear Mixer Granulator - R2T

It is the only Granulator that not only meets all the stringent quality requirements of the FDA / cGMP, but also meets the specific needs of customers, with its, distinct ‘Torque-based’ granulation end-point determination.

Binder Preparation Vessel


Tapasya’s Fluid Bed Equipment (FBE) is specially designed unit for agglomeration and simultaneous drying for top spray granulation conforming to the international quality norms and with all latest features incorporated. Built with a working pressure of 2 Bar at 80 degree C, the drying capabilities of our FBDs are enhanced by 18 – 20%, resulting in lesser drying time and uniform fluidization


Tapasya’s Tap Cone Mill is used for High Speed Shredding, Sizing, and Grinding of Powders, Granules, Tablets and a wide range of wet and dry materials, without special attachments.


Tapasya’s ‘V’ Blender is an intensive mixing system designed specially to handle ordered dry mixing of excipients such as cohesive as well as adhesive powder.