Water Pre-Treatment

Pure steam is used for sterilization of tanks, pipeworks and filling machines. The pure steam generator PureSteam produces sterile, pyrogen-free steam that is ideally suited for SIP (Sterilization-in-Place). The system can also be designed for the production of clean steam for direct injection into the product.

Purity Water Storage and Distribution

The PW storage and distribution is a key part of the water system and it  designed to prevent re contamination in the PW loop. It has online monitoring instruments to ensure that the appropriate water quality is maintained.

Water for Injection Generation

Vapour compression technology for production of water for injection offers like considerable advantages like lower operating cost, reduced maintenance , smaller foot print and no requirement of cooling water.  The VC distiller does not need PW as feed water and can easily accept softened, chlorine free water with conductivity less than 150 s/cm

Water For Injection Storage and Distribution

WFI is collected in storage tank and is circulated across the user points at 75 to 80 Deg c temperature with help of process loop pumps. The loop return velocity is maintained by synchronising the flow transmitter and loop pumps with VFD through PLC. Loop is sanitized by heat exchangers in the return line or steam jacketed WFI tank.

Pure Steam Generators and Distribution

The POU cooler is designed to dispense instant temperature controlled WFI. The POU’s meets the high quality requirements and hygienic standards of the pharmaceutical industry featuring compact , high performance sanitary shell and tube heat exchangers in the double tube sheet configuration . Many features and options can be customized.

Manufacturing Vessels and Equipment

The manufacturing vessels are constructed of high quality in compliance with the customer’s application and regulatory standards like ASME BPE guidelines.