Clean-in-Place Systems (CIP)

  • Design, Build, Install,  Commission and Technical Support.
  • Custom built fully optimised Clean-in- Place (CIP)
  • Fully automated CIP skids, complete with control panel, PLC and
  • Pharmaceutical grade CIP systems complete with steam gear and heat

Mobile CIP Trolleys

Membrane Filtration Systems

  • Design, build and commissioning of

customized      membrane    filtration systems

  • Mobile pilot     plants     to     fully scalable automated systems
  • Product and process development
  • Recommendations for plant design and evaluation of operating costs
  • Design, build,  testing,  qualification and validation to the highest levels

Tailored  maintenance  support  and training packages

Process Skids

  • Filter Skids     and     Multiplex      Filter Systems
  • Mixing Skids
  • MF, UF, NF, RO Membrane Filtration
  • Ion Exchange Units
  • Mobile Pump Skids incorporating flow meters and instrumentation
  • Mix Proof Valve Matrix including support frames and drip tray
  • Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers and Condensers Units complete with Support Frames
  • Mobile CIP  skid  units  up  to  fully automated  static  stand   alone  CIPSystems including multi  channel systems

Stainless Steel Filter Range

To complement our welding and fabrication services, we stock a comprehensive range of tube and pipe fittings to accommodate a wide range of industries and applications